Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I have you wrapped
around my finger, but
out of choice.

I'm in control,
yet it's you
who dominates me.

I curl up and lie
To you about me,
and it sinks in.

What would I do?
If you were gone,
What is left?

No one to curl up with,
To invest my heart in,
and hope.

Your smile, so rare
I think it's imagined.
Yet I bring it.

Did you know
No matter how close,
Atoms never touch?

We touch. My eardrum finds
the forces of your heartbeat
And moulds.

My eyes seek yours,
Brown vs The State
my mind has been in.

Damages, dividends?
What do I seek?
Love. Is it yours?

Not legal, official, even preliminary.
Emotions aren't defined by bounds.
You lose me and I've lost.

I lose you
Funnily enough,
You see truth.