Thursday, December 9, 2010

I like having friends.
I don't have very many. Less, this year.
I really would appreciate being able to sit and talk with someone again.
There was one point in my life where I was surrounded by people like that.
I've become much less open and much more loud.
I'm really not sure how that's happened.
I've found someone I love, who I can't imagine life without.
I've discovered that I don't want to spend time with all of the friends who are available to me, yet I want to spend time with people who are off limits because of either emotional or physical distance.
I think that's why I enjoyed the picnic. It felt like I had friends.
I doubt many people would really care all too much if I didn't speak to them for the rest of their lives.

I dislike growing older.
I turn 16 on Saturday.
This is not good news.
Time; back off.

1 comment:

  1. I can relate too this soo much.
    I was just thinking the other day,
    I have friends. everyone has friends.
    they're not, they're more like mates. people I hang out with, people I just chat with.
    I can't call them "friends" because. god, I don't trust them.
    If I can't tell them how I feel about a boy I like.
    or tell them whats actually wrong when I'm sad.
    thats, thats not friendship.
    I'm so scared.
    I don't want to grow up.
    everything is changing.
    I hate change.
    I continue to feel like everythings falling apart.
    I'd be your friend. <3