Wednesday, August 10, 2011

She convulses. Sobs wreck her thin body and her muscles spasm under the influence of what she is no longer a part of. She lives, but barely. Her distorted grin is a reflection of expectations and reality. She is not what she wanted and she is less than everyone hoped for. She clings to her shadows who have ripped and torn at her clothes until her skirt sits about her hips and her lies are the only thing covering her modesty. she has reduced herself to this, and for what? Men who dance an endless dance above her, sweaty, sweaty bodies with guts hanging loose and the stench of cider on their breath, but more importantly, the clink of coins in their pocket and the promise of the sweet sensations that she knows she can get. She's good at this, she knows it, they all know it, that's why they come to her. But she is stretched to her fullest and any idea that this is an act connected with love is gone, gone. 'Fuck 'em. Fuck the lot of 'em, they can rot in hell.' Rot in hell as they rot inside her, as their seed is planted with futility. At least she doesn't have to worry about kids, that concern was dismissed when she first went into the business. One botched abortion and that chance died. She supposes it's a positive thing, but she would have liked the opportunity- what if she sorted herself out, got some blue collar bloke to marry her? What then? But no. Not at all, none left of that now. She's having enough trouble getting the money anymore for her habit. She makes what she needs, she gets a decent amount, but that's only what you get from the streets. You need a bit of class to work the high end. Even in her convulsions she sneers. Class? A whore and class? You wouldn't think so. She cannot raise herself from the ground, she is stuck on the piss stained tiles of a public bathroom and she can hear a mans grunting and a whores moaning in the stall next door, and some sense of decency stirs in her, wants her to get up and hammer on the wood and protest against public indecency. Then she realises, she isn't a schoolgirl anymore, she's one of them and a hypocrite to boot. And mummy and daddy had such high expectations; wasn't she going to be a lawyer, or a doctor? But no, she fell in with the wrong crowd, with the wrong habits, and now with her last convulsion her leg slips into the stall next door just as the whores stilettoed foot stabs into the ground once he's reached his climax. But it's not the ground, it's her leg, and when she feels the heel break her skin she's off into the world she knew she was aimed at since she collapsed in the cubicle.

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  1. I think we should chat. I wish I had an email address or facebook. I'd love to be able to be here as a person you don't know, but can talk too. I hope you're okay lovely x