Saturday, March 13, 2010


Change is imminent.
Change is now.
Change has already passed.
There's not much to distinguish between small and big, in the world of changes.
Some people'd say that to have your name remembered, you need to do something to change the world. Every step you take, every decision you make changes it, in some miniscule way.
But look at the people who have changed the world- Plato, Aristotle, Da Vinci, Einstein, Edison, Hitler, Stalin. They're responsible for revolutions in goverment, inventions, ideas, and hatred; and we are well aware of their names.
However names like Charles Babbage, Karl Benz, Tim Berners-Lee... Those who have done research into these topics would know them, but an average joe would have trouble distinguishing them from Kevin Clash. The modern western world is built upon the credentials of these people. The computer, the car, the World Wide Web. Yet they are nameless heroes.
Neither do we know the names of any leading scientists in cancer research- sure they haven't found a cure, but has the Queen done anything to help the human race? Have celebrities?
Yeah, the answer is no. Shouldn't people who are actually doing something to help recieve more attention?
I guess that's the plague of our generation.
If this generation will be trusted to look after the world in the future- and they will, no doubt, we're not gonna have the middle aged corrupt politicians and businessmen that we have now forever, are we now? Some would consider that a blessing, but with the little faith I have in todays generation I fear we'll wreak havoc on the world beyond repair, beyond the level it's already been subjected to.

Maybe I'll hire a rocket. Land on some distant planet somewhere that's relatively capable of supporting human life, and live out the rest of my days in blissful silence.
Rocket hiring shouldn't be too hard at all. -.-
Now, if you think of it, the people who want to revolutionise the world won't be known. We're reverting back to the primitive instincts. Bowing down to the best hunter, the best gatherer. Not the people who discover fire, just those who reel in cash and followers and ooze out good looks, charm, and/or talent in the arts.
I'm not saying these people don't deserve attention, but it's not just those with talent that are getting it.

Maybe the general public would be better put to supporting those who are changing the world for the better rather than sitting at home watching Gossip Girl or South Park with cans of Coke or bottles of beer in their hands.

Instead of empty, insipid dreams and thoughts, strive towards becoming a better person, to urging others to become a better person. Maybe we can change the near inevitable future of the world. It'd be nice to live in a society that thinks.

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