Monday, March 29, 2010


I'm a sceptic. Since I was in primary school and was duped once, anything supernatural- God, powers/gifts, fantasy, anything, I can't believe in. It's not a matter of won't, it's a matter of my being physically and psychologically unable to do so. I'm happy keeping both of my feet on solid ground, maybe because, like every other human, I'm scared of the unknown, but as well, because of the fact that unlike seemingly everyone else I'm not scared of nothing. That isn't a grammatical error, I'm right in what I say there, I'm not scared of nothing. Of nothing coming after, of nothing out there. I'm happy in my thoughts that we're alone as a dimension. Dimension as in pure reality, not our galaxy or universe, because if humans are the most intelligent life form around we're pretty much stuffed.. We'll disintegrate ourselves.
I can't believe but I can accept what people do believe, which is well enough, because otherwise friends are something I'd be lacking in.
I don't believe in perfect. Nothing is, nothing can be, and I hope nothing wants to be. You can't be the strongest, the happiest, or the best all the time.

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