Wednesday, March 24, 2010

You know, the weather ain't that sensible.

So over the weekend I went on another one of my camps, but this one was only for older girls. I met my boyfriends' little sister for the second time, but I suppose the first time didn't count for much. She's actually really sweet. I didn't expect it, but I suppose that's through his recounts... not many older siblings love the younger one to bits, and vice versa.

I gained a pair of shoes from it; we'd been to the beach, and I couldn't find my flip-flops anywhere on the it, so I left without any shoes. It turns out the camp managers scavenged the beach for everyone's stuff, and they'd picked up a randoms flip-flops on the way. We couldn't exactly go back to the beach and return them, so I was told, "yeah, if no-one on camp claims them, you can keep them." I figure it's a fair exchange. Leave my flip-flops at the beach, gain a pair from the beach.

I took the most disgusting shower of my life. In the shower block-we were staying in tents- there were only three showers in the section, and there was one drain shared between each of them. This drain was blocked. Those of us in the girls showers in the block sounded as if we were taking baths, because we were showering standing in ankle deep water. That's everyones bodily fluids, dirt of the previous day and soaps and shampoo floating around our ankles.
Yum, huh?
The shower was still good, just because you know, showers tend to make one feel better. But disgusting nevertheless.

Other than the not so great fact of my intriguing shower, on camp I learnt to surf! I can surf standing up, with a lot of effort, but I don't mind as long as I can accomplish it. It's amazing; I'm hooked already. Soon as I get a job I'm saving up to buy a surfboard. Just a bulky learner one to begin with, but once I know I'm serious about it a proper one.
I guess it's a granted I'd find surfing amazing. I love anything to do with the ocean- not least of all bodyboarding. I mean, there's snorkelling, boating, cruising, swimming, fishing- it's amazing how many things the ocean can encompass. It's a life form in itself. The breath of the world being the ebb and flow of the tide, major civilisations built upon the sea, around it.

But even more than surfing, even more than anything else, has been something that's happened to me yesterday. I went through the worst storm I've ever experienced in my life.
I've recently started biking every day at six twenty before school, but I missed out yesterday morning because it was too dark. So after school, I walked home, and basically straight away got on my bike, despite the fact that clouds were growing prominent and the humidity was growing stronger. I thought, "Heck, I'll chance it."
Ten minutes cycling distance from the house, it bucketed with rain. We got off our bikes and walked. Ten minutes cycling distance doesn't equal ten minutes walking distance. It started hailing, some golfball sized. I have red scabs all over my arms and legs from it.

So we get back home, we squelch through the house, I have a lovely, warm shower and a hot cup of tea and then wring my clothes out.
An hour or so later (it's still pissing down with rain and hail and we hear the thunderclaps directly above us) we here an almighty crack- the eaves of the roof have given way, exposing bare wires. Mum rings the electricity company to ask for assistance, they advise her to turn the power off, and so we do. We sit there without power for a long time; we amuse ourselves through music and arguments. It was nice; family bonding time, you know?

First photo- our roof, before.

Second photo- family bonding time.

Third photo- our roof today.

The storm was pretty bad. In one of the bigger shopping centres, K-marts roof caved in and flooded. People were evacuated.
In all of this, something truly tragic happened. My friend got me a photo holder, a bear with a flower clip to hold the photo, as a small Christmas present a couple of years ago. The bears head broke off. See what I mean by tragic?

But seriously, worst storm I've ever experienced. It's scary what the weather can unleash on you. We're in for another one tonight though, though nowhere near as bad.
Oh, I love storms to bits, don't you? Pity I didn't actually physically see any lightning, just the flashes.

Aftermath photos following.

Thanks for reading.

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