Thursday, July 21, 2011

That feeling.
Warmth and safety, but hurt and distance created by emotional instability.
The only reason I've stayed this long is that feeling.
It's getting to the point where a day without you brings death closer. This dependency, this fundamental need to be with you is getting to the point I have no control of it anymore. Every other day I feel dwarfed by everything. This depression makes me feel so small, and I don't know how to face anything that lies ahead. I really don't. I'm legitimately looking into options for repeating my final year of school- for anyone who knows me, that's a humongous deal. I've always tried to be really focused on schoolwork, but lately it's completely slipped away from me. I failed two of my exams, and I've had more than one breakdown at school in the last month. I mean, it's good, that teachers know now, that things are being done, but it's too late. I feel like I'm being twisted, you know, wringed out. I'm constantly getting that tight feeling in my chest, throughout my whole body.
The parent interview day, my Literature teacher gave me an essay to do I'd missed out on over the holidays, with my mums supervision. I've tried to do it twice so far; both times I've broken. I've started to go through information about the book I'm studying, discuss how it applies to the general gist of the essay question... And no, I start crying. I feel as though everything I try is going to crash.
And these last few days have maybe been a chance at being happy. Or putting up a temporary happiness. And shit, now with the thought of being away from you for two days- two fucking days, how pathetic- I'm already anticipating sliding back into that pit. It's a constant fucking battle.

But you know, I'm seeing a psychologist, I have a psychiatrist appointment on Monday, I might be prescribed medication, I might actually be helped.
For now I'm just holding on. But fuck, it'd be so much easier with you.

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  1. I know exactly how you feel. It hurts.
    I hope that you and I will both be happy soon. x