Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 17 — Someone from your childhood. /Number 05 - A picture of your morning

Writing blogs to people who don't read them is at best, unsatisfying.

What was my childhood? Legally, I'm still a minor, still a child. I could write the blog to anyone in my life.
But I won't. Because I'm not in the mood for loopholes, and I'm not going to use one.
But there was never anyone who specifically stood out to me. I mean, sure, parents, but I've addressed them in depth already, and it'd end up being a blog on innocence.

I might just say goodbye childhood, because it was one filled with non-significance, and I spent the lunchtimes of it gathering gumnuts into piles.
I don't think I can address it to a gumnut.

This is my morning. Bed, laptop, Scrubs, and How To Train Your Dragon.
I have an excuse- I've been sick today. A bad sick too. Upheaving what looks like black water from your digestive system is slightly unusual, I'd say.

Thanks for reading. Especially that last part, 'cause I just tossed that in for an illogical interest spike, no matter how much you didn't need to know it.

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