Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 14 — Someone you’ve drifted away from.

I seem to be the only one doing these at the moment. I'm not bothered. My writing is getting worse and worse, but I enjoy it... it's everyone else's choice to read.

There are many people I've drifted away from, and this is not going to be Drowned Wednesday, though there's something relating to it I wish to discuss quite badly.

But there at least one person I've drifted away from, other than Mr. Kingdom, that really hurts. I used to consider a girl I still know as an extremely close friend- she's among the three I miss the most, in my Grim Tuesday post.
She's intelligent, funny, thoughtful, appreciates good music- or what is good music to me- and despite what she believes, she's got a lot to offer.
It's a shame really. Everyone I know who has a terrible opinion of theirselves is really kind of amazing.
I think that sentence was very grammatically incorrect, but I honestly can not be bothered to nitpick at the moment.
I didn't even know her for the first year of high school, which is regrettable.
I'm not even sure how we came to be friends, other than that she sat with the group I started sitting with halfway through year nine. I don't know if it was exchange of email addresses, or MSN...
I have a terrible memory.
I just remember us being friends.
We definitely still speak, almost daily. I haven't had a proper conversation with her for a while though.
I have trouble with one and one conversations while there are other distractions going on. And I haven't had the oppurtunity for that with anyone for yonks.
I'm beginning to think that the only blockade to unlocking a lot of friendships is patience and effort.
I'mgoing to start trying.

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