Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 13 — Someone you wish could forgive you./ Number 04- A picture of where you went today

M'kay. So there's one place I went today. A bus.

Now. Someone I wish could forgive me.

I'm not a person who I think has done that much unforgivable. I don't currently hold any grudges either. That doesn't mean I forgive easily.
There's bound to be someone out there that's hated something I've done though. Something I've said.
Perhaps there are people hating my lack of self belief.
I don't think I lack self confidence, just self esteem.

I hope that no-one holds a grudge against me for that. For that specific lack, and my whining about it.

I'd like whoever may not be able to forgive me for something to forgive me for that thing, but if they choose to hold that barrier there, I mean, it's their choice, and I fully appreciate that, I myself being a huge grudge holder.
Maybe it's not nice to be hated, but if there is a legitimate reason behind it then it's not necessarily a bad thing.
There. That was addressed to someone.

Thanks for reading.

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