Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 9 — Someone you wish you could meet./Number 03 - A picture of what you did today

I'll begin by rubbing my eyes yet my whole face at the same time, the way they do in movies before something big. I'll also let out a big sigh, and position my mouth slightly sideways, as if I'm thinking.
As if I'm thinking.
I'd love to say someone deep and inspiring.
Thom Yorke, for example. Depressive, pessimistic, and semi-suicidal he may be, but he's got some amazing ideas.
Anyone though... Say, if I'd won a day with them, would someone famous I'd like to meet sit down and have a serious conversation with a fifteen year old girl?
Or, would they sit down, give me an autograph, and sigh a lot, checking their watch constantly?
Out of those two options, I'd think it would be the latter.
I'd like to meet fictional characters, more than anything else at this moment.
Frodo in Lord Of The Rings. I'd give him a stern talking to and tell him he's an asshole, and the silly ring is not enough of an excuse.
Death, as personified in The Book Thief. I'd look at him quizzically for a while, then nod once and walk away. I'm not sure why.
Billy, in human form, in Billy Thunder And The Night Gate... the whole trilogy, actually. I'd throw my arms around him and smile, then hopefully we'd speak about the dangers of magick and the differences between human and animal kind. Which is actually the basis of one of my recent dreams, though I haven't read the book in a few months.
I suppose it sticks in your mind once you've read it more than 10 times.
Sam, in Benny and Joon. I'd tip my hat to him.

Who I'd really like to meet, plausibly, is someone I could speak to without feeling awkward.
I think that's a reasonable thing to ask.

Thanks for reading.

I know this is where I went today. I don't care. It's also what I did. I had a limited amount of fun wandering around Hillary's Boat Harbour, eating icecream, looking at weird instruments, and listening to my fathers opinions on everything and everyone, and debating with him whether it was worth having opinions.

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