Friday, June 18, 2010

Just a typical teenager.

So I'm a little bit silly.
I don't like being a whiney teenager. I try to be good and anti-typical, which is pretty pretentious, if you ask me. Except generally I don't try too hard.
I get along with my mum fantastically sometimes. Most of the time, to be honest. I can't imagine not having a good relationship with her a majority of the time.

But when it comes to incidents like this, I get angry. And this is shallow and wanting, so be prepared to roll your eyes and laugh.

I went ice skating a few weeks ago with friends- here's a blog post about it. Oh, and another, by a friend.

While we were there, we met these two guys a couple of years older than us. We had fun with them, my friend flirting. And apparently me too. My other friends comment- "u guys all wanted rapeee themmm"
I'm assuming she wasn't talking about the males there.
But yeah. I stalked them up on facebook- yes, stalked is the right terminology. And a few, if not all of us added them.
I've spoken to both of them since, quite a few times.
Tonight, one of them invited me rollerblading, something they were both going to be at. I would have declined straightaway, normally. It came up as a facebook invitation. But the thing is, right under it was an invitation I recieved a few days ago.
It was to a friends birthday.
At 7PM, until 10 PM.
Funnily enough, the guys invitation was at the exact same time. The exact same place.

I'd asked mum a few days earlier about it. She said she'd think about it. She thought. She came up with a lot of reasons. I've been sick most of this week, it's an apparently dodgy area, I'm not allowed to catch public transport at night... etcetera. All valid reasons, but I'm being a typical teenager and I'm complaining a lot because of it.
This friend of mine is one that I haven't seen in months. I'm really close to her, but we rarely get the chance to even talk. For me not to be able to go to her birthday is quite upsetting. Even on short notice. I reacted badly, I see that, but aren't hormones a slightly valid reason?
No, Brittany, you cannot use that excuse.

To finish up the story I started, the guy started a conversation with me, asking if I could come, I said no, told him about the birthday being at the same time, and complained about my mother. He said he'd bring me back if I could get there. "It's only a bit out of my way, it's on the way to my place really." And it is, but...
I'm not the silliest of teenagers, and I know that's dodgy. Especially seeing as I was the only one invited out of any of the friends I went ice-skating with.
I'm kind of worried and flattered simultaneously. I wouldn't accept it, but I'm very curious as to what's going on in their heads.

Well, that was fun to write, but pointless.

Probably just the latter to read, but thankyou.


  1. Didn't add the guys, too busy stalking everyone else on Facebook :)
    Not being allowed out is sucky, everyone's been there, and it doesn't make you come across as whiney. Well, to a fellow teenager like myself anyways ;D
    You made the right decision. You hardly know him, and, even though he seems nice enough, it's still shifty.

    Fun to read, actually :)

  2. Thanks. =]
    I couldn't have gone anyway. But yeah, I wouldn't have done it. I know my stranger danger.
    And thankyou. =]