Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 4 —Your sibling (or closest relative).

I want to focus on one person per day blog, unless otherwise specified, as in the last post I made (plural of parent is otherwise specifying). So as much as I wish to direct this at my sister, I know I will address her or talk about her in other posts, whether they be relating to my Days and Numbers post or not.
So I'll talk about my brother.
My brother is a teenage boy. Thirteen in April. Like most teenage boys, especially those of an early teenage age, he
•is immature
•grunts for communication
•is unable to express his feelings
•refuses to cut his hair
•is compassionate
Wait. Compassionate doesn't belong on that list.
Looks like my sister will factor in this post as well.
My brother has definitely benefited from having someone like my sister in the family.
If any of you saw my brother at school, you'd think he's just another year 8. And he is.
But if you see how he interacts with my sister and her friends, people with disabilities, it's freaking amazing. I can't as well as he can. He's lovely with them, it actually brings tears to my eyes.
Then again... I cry really easily.
As well as this, we can get along extremely well.
We have a small family, the only relatives I've ever met are my great aunty, who lives over in England, and my father, mother, sister and brother. Those are the only relatives I think I have living.
I think that's what makes our family so close, so aware of each other.
My brother'll roll his eyes with me at my mum, but he'll stand there unsure and sympathetic when I get a grilling from dad. We're basically best friends when we're close. We're worst enemies when we're not. It's usually one extreme or the other.
We've been drifting apart a little since he's come to my school, but that's not saying much. We're still close as sardines.
Wow, my first entirely happy post.

Thanks for reading.

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