Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 8 — Your favorite internet friend.

You. Me. Us. We. Them. Those.
Distinctions. They annoy me. Perhaps I shouldn't be annoyed by them.
I believe that's why I appreciate the anonymity of the internet so much. You can't have a 'them' when you don't know who they are.
For someone who spends the majority of her time on the internet, I don't actually have that many internet friends.
Seeing as I can't generally keep up a decent conversation with a good friend of mine, I don't suppose it's a surprise.
I do have a few though. Omegle and forum sites have introduced me to quite a few people I get along with well.
But the friend that has influenced me the most, who I've kept up the longest is someone I met via a Facebook music group.
I am in love with aspects of music, but it is not my life, or what it is dedicated to.
However, some artists leave me more shocked, more amazed, than anything could in a world outside of music. I'll devote hours of my time to listen to one song, over and over again, because I find it that brilliant. Not do anything else. Just listen. If it holds memories, if it makes me rock back and forth crying because of either the raw emotion of the song, or my own meaning, or if I can just sit and listen to how the music plays with itself, and the lyrics integration. It doesn't matter, I'll listen.
It's not my life, but I can appreciate music.
Radiohead are a band I am in love with. I don't like them. I don't love them. I am in love with them.
There was a fan group on Facebook... still is... which was the biggest fan group on facebook of the band. I posted regularly on its' discussions, as did someone else. He ended up adding me, and all we spoke about at first was music. But I guess I started to share a lot with him, first just expanding on the answers that weren't just "Good" on the how are you's, then we just got to talking about our lives naturally. Things got awkward at one point, but we moved past it. Now we talk pretty regularly, though we had a few months gap when he deleted his facebook account and moved out.
He lives in Israel, I live in Australia. The only time I speak to him is when it's at least past 11 PM and I'm on MSN, and of that, there's a very small chance that he'd be on.
It's good not to talk to him so often.
Our conversations always wind around to music. It's great actually, because no-one quite gets it when I talk about the bands I love. He's into Britpop and he knows his alternative subgenres, which is something I can't say of most people.
Oh, this post satisfied me.
Thanks for reading.


  1. I can easily understand the feeling of wanting to listen to a sing over and over again for a variety of reasons.
    For myself it is mainly because I merely enjoy the overall beat (the instruments combined with the lyrics) though the meaning to the words can be powerful when they need to be.

    Do you not dislike how a music video can cause the related song to be reduced to a single meaning, especially when without the visuals the song can take multiple lives of its own?
    I know I do!

    That said, I find it more difficult to get internet relations going these days then I did about 5 years ago. It was simple then I suppose: now it just seems difficult to really keep the contact stable with so many things to do. Though forums seem to work.

    That said, keep well!

  2. I really appreciate music as a whole, but because I am so interested in language, lyrics give it a new dimension.

    With music videos, done well, they can add even more meaning. This is rarely done though, and I completely understand what you mean when you say it reduces meaning.
    I appreciate music videos with ambiguity for that reason.
    I don't watch music videos, I tend to just buy CDs and stick with them.

    I'm finding it hard with study, being in the later years of high school, to keep up with not just internet friends, but friends I consider close that I don't get a chance to speak to more often.
    I guess life gets busier.

    You too. Thanks for the comment.