Sunday, September 19, 2010

I feel really heavy.

I've just spent the last hour and a half talking to first my father, then my mother, about tax, property ownership, government benefits and legal representation.

I feel like I'm under a lot of responsibility to communicate what they want through each other. If I get something wrong, then I could stuff up a damned lot of everything. Crap.
So my mother is ringing my father later tonight. Or she's going to try.
He just dropped me off back home, and he's going down to the pub straight after.
So I'm anticipating that he will be drunk. He is the most intimidating person I know without alcohol. He is worse when drunk.
They haven't spoken to each other directly for five years, and my father hates my mother as much, if not more than I hated him.

I think the best bet tonight will be to lock the door to my room, turn up my music as loud as possible, and ignore everything that goes on outside my door.

I can't let myself do anything more than be oblivious.


  1. I'm touched that you care.
    It went a lot better than I expected. There was yelling, and my mum ended up crying after the phone call, but no threats were made on my dads part, and I've spoken to him on the phone since and he didn't mention it.