Friday, January 7, 2011

Trust and mistrust.

Why are teenagers such fickle creatures? Why does every interaction we're not fully aware of irritate us beyond belief?
If we don't know something, we need to believe that is is okay for us not to know it. We need to concern ourselves less with the distrust, suspicion, and paranoia that close relationships with people can lead us to, and focus on what makes those relationships, and strengthen them. Paranoia does no-one any good. A little wariness helps but paranoia only forges crevices between people, crevices that turn into gorges that split people apart. I know, it's happened to me in a few cases, but what rings the loudest, yet shrillest, most piercing bell is one particular case that hurt right to my core and is still a fucking sore wound.
Why don't I learn from my mistakes? I recognise what my mind is doing but I'm powerless to stop it.

Not all teenagers are like it, but the majority of relationships I know that have been wrecked, whether they have been friendships or romantic involvements, have been destroyed by distrust or abuse of trust. There needs to be a balance between the two extremes, the two variables- the amount of trust and the actions that involve the leniency of the trust- that leads to the maintenance of a healthy relationship.

Some people are naturally paranoid and it shows in their relationships.
Judging by my experience and my actions so far in my life, I have a feeling I might be one of them.


I'm stating what is an obvious truth here.

I wish people wrote as often as I did. I'd feel like I knew where I stood with people. And I'd probably feel more secure.

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