Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I don't see how people put up with me. Especially people who are attracted to me in a romantic sense.
I'm completely unattractive, see this post, and for any appeal to even begin there is usually some form of physical attraction, no matter how small.
That, and the fact I never stop complaining about myself and about my life,  and that details are often made public due to my tendency to reveal things about myself to the world via Blogger and Tumblr, and my depression and bipolarity and my selfishness and egocentricity and general stupidity, and my habit of becoming worked up and leaving before things can be properly resolved, and my addiction to making others feel my aggravation and my negativity.
And my hate towards myself.
If I can't even like me why should anyone love me?
Christ, no-one can mean it, they can't be in it for me, the other reasons are probably the only reason I have long relationships.

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  1. You know what that says? You're a teenager. Everyone goes through this. Don't sweat it. Your loved because people can see the good in you, but you, for whatever reason, cant at the moment. It will come though.