Sunday, May 8, 2011

You invade my every sense. I wake up and smell you on my bedcovers and I smile. For about an hour this morning I could see your eyes when I closed mine. The sound of your voice, your smile when I smile, the feel of your skin, neck, hair, as I run my hand up your back and snuggle in closer.
When I'm not with you, I surround myself with thoughts of you. This isn't healthy. I love you beyond anything I really had the capacity to believe in before. What happens if it ends? You're the only thing keeping me attached to this world. Promises mean a lot, especially to those like us that profess not to break them, but you can never promise feelings. What if they change? I'm gone, you are my leaning post. I don't exist other than for you. That's too much responsibility for one person.

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