Sunday, May 15, 2011


As if you were ever stupid enough to believe you meant anything to anybody, especially someone you had feelings for back.
Worthless cow, stupid fucking bitch, selfish lunatic. Go hurl yourself off a fucking bridge already and die.
Fucking promises. Why did I ever make it. Now I've got to live through the next few months.
Smart one, dumb one. Another idiotic move by yours truly. Thankyou, thankyou for watching my pathetic attempt at a life shrivel once again.

I'm fine, I'm fucking fine, I'm fucking fine, and that is what you will tell the doctors on Monday, that is what you will tell the psychologist on Wednesday, and you won't say anything else again, ever. You don't need help, you're beyond help. You're a degraded piece of shit and you shouldn't be wasting their time.

Fuck it, why did I make that promise, why can't I break my bloody morals and go drown myself now.

Not writing in this blog again.

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