Friday, April 23, 2010

Bucket List

This is a term brought up more and more, as I've been getting older. I never heard it in primary school, but I guess as we near an age that we have to think about the future, more of the future is being thought about than required. I mean, that's the one thing I'm scared of, the future, but I can't help but make detailed plans before it.
(Before the future? Because that makes sense.)
Is there really a need to carry something out before you are gone? I know that one of the possible meanings of a humans' life is to leave a legacy, but in a thousand years I doubt even The Beatles will be exactly prominent in peoples minds, let alone Ke$ha.
What do I want on my bucket list? (Very glad I corrected that 'who' typo.)
I'm not that sure. I basically want my life to be an experiment, so ...constantly trying new things, I want room for everything in it, but that means nothing on my ideal bucket list has meaning.
And I have things that I want to do before I'm twenty five. Do they count, or is that idea more of a "before sensibility" list?
Because I'm not going to make any of the big decisions- marriage, kids, tattoos, moving away- before then, because that's the age of stupidity, from about mid teens, where I'm at now, until mid twenties. I obviously don't know from experience, but I've known a few people in that age range to take a downturn because of decisions they have made.
And once you fall down that far, it's near impossible to get back up.
I guess that's what life is, regrets and accomplishments, and no-one has gone through without both.
Then again, that could be a lie, because those who die minutes or hours old don't have time to make a decision to regret.
I can't sum life up; I'm fifteen. I've had far too little experience, especially seeing as there's only been one person, to my knowledge, who has even come close.
"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on."- Robert Frost

What I understand is that people need something to live for, and that, for some people, might be a bucket list. I know, so far, it is for me.

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