Sunday, April 25, 2010


Not giving people what they want is extremely fun.
Just an extra swing to your voice, raise it an octave, act all innocence... Or alternatively, interpret every word they say literally, and patronise them. Of course, when they know you don't mean it. Because otherwise that's just cruel.
And of course, I am definitely not a cruel person.
Is it really not right?

I mean, we've all done the donkey-with-a-carrot thing at some stage during our lives.
Occasionally though, you've got to give the donkey a chance to rear up on its hind legs and grab the carrot in its teeth, otherwise it's gonna buck and throw the cargo off. (On second thought, can donkeys actually rear?)
You've got to know when to stop, when you've pushed it far enough, but you've also got to let it know that it needs to do work to eventually get the carrot.
Humans can be pushed beyond breaking point, but not by delaying the mundane things that teasing delays. That idea is too ridiculous to contemplate.
Too keep something small (figuratively) just out of reach is far enough for me.
But to an extent, blackmail or torture is merely an elevated form of teasing. (That sounded ever so slightly pschopathic... As in, emotionless, the true form of the word, rather than "mindless killer".) I'll let you figure that one out for yourself though.
Which is why I may have a gross fascination with torture itself, because I enjoy teasing. I doubt it though, I just appreciate history and the lessons we can learn from it, storytelling and the places it takes you, and the representation of violence in movies- all of which have something to do with torture.
Is that right? Is it human?
Of course.
All human is is flaws. Or gifts, depending on which way you look at it. But I'm a glass half empty type of girl.
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