Friday, August 27, 2010

For once, I feel like a proper teenager.

I mean I have my worries, but they're fickle and silly as compared to usual. It's odd how much one thing can increase and decrease your mood so much.
I'm actually giddy, and I feel lightheaded and lightweight, as if I might float off. For the moment, my smile is staying put on my face and it doesn't really want to shift. I like that, a lot.
I keep getting the feeling that you get before you hope something good might happen, like, a clenching of something in your ribs. It's the feeling that if it gets let down, then so do you, you end up deflated. But I'm just coasting along, getting higher and higher gradually, because every time I clench, my hopes get rewarded, and I get filled even more with air, or whatever it is that is keeping me bouyant.
A couple of days ago... heck, early today, I was pretty freaking down, again, without knowing why. Now, honestly, I'm pretty much skimming the floor with my feet when I walk and staying in the air more than seems humanly possible. Filled with pure energy.

I'm staying up to watch the moon and Mars tonight.
Something else miraculous.

Thanks for reading and stuffs.

You guys who read are pretty cool.


1 comment:

  1. :) These miraculous moments will be what you look back on when you need something to anchor to.

    Happy for you, Miss Brittany.