Saturday, August 14, 2010

So a lot has changed.

I'm single, I'm a little angry, and I'm as confused as I ever could be. I might be falling for someone, this soon. And I'm someone who professes not to have a need for a relationship.
I'm also very worried about the person I hope I don't have feelings for.


  1. 1. Why are you so confused and worried?
    2. Although you "profess" that you don't NEED a relationship, what if you really WANT one? So many people around the world are married, they don't need to be but they want to be! Just to have someone to love - or even just someone you like spending time with boosts your self asteem greatly! After all, who ever said there was anything wrong with a big of self indulgence - hmmm?

  2. I'm very intrigued as to who this is.
    I'm confused because I don't know what I want at the moment, and I'm usually completely in control of my desires.
    I'm worried for a number of reasons. Primarily because I don't want to hurt anyone, but also because I might be being lied to, and because I don't want to want a relationship. I don't ever want to be dependent on something like that. I am full of disdain for teenage relationships in general, and to fall back in the puddle of puppy love straight after a stupid breakup means that I'm hypocritical in a sense.
    Thanks for the.. concern (?) I think.