Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm prompting nostalgia.

I'm looking back through old photos, as in, photos from before I even got the camera I have now. It's really saddening seeing how people have changed and how my friendships have deteriorated. It's sad how I've changed, I'm more ashamed of myself now than I ever was. I'm blasting myself with an onslaught of songs I listened to about two or three years ago. I feel like going back there. Even though in terms of sadness, it was a lot more frequent. I miss my relationships from there. I miss the friends I had, I miss who I was, I miss how we meshed, and it's annoyingly depressing that I'll never have that back because of how people have changed, but more how I've allowed myself to change.
I've built upon a cover ever since I started high school. In year nine and ten, I somewhat liked the cover I had. Now I don't.
Ugh. I feel bad for saying this though, because in one way my life is a lot better.

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