Thursday, March 10, 2011

Okay, whatever, two blogs in one night though no-one reads them.. pointless.

I just saw a facebook status about a female not shaving their head for the World's Greatest Shave this year because of the school ball. That's understandable, I'm doing the same. I just wanted to bring up something my brother said in relation.

I informed him that if it wasn't for the school ball I'd be shaving my head this year. He was incredibly shocked and told me I was an idiot and asked if I was joking multiple times. I told him no, so he started swearing at me. He said he wouldn't speak to me if I did it, that he'd actually hate me.
I asked him why, and he told me it would make people make fun of him.
It's somewhat upsetting to know that I'm going to be made fun of for supporting a charity and supporting the Leukemia Foundation. Are people really that inhospitable?
Would you make fun of a girl with cancer who was bald?
I doubt it.
Why make fun of a girl supporting it?

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