Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I think we all deserve this.

So there's a couple of things I'd like to share.
I was notified of this Ten-Year Self-Improvement Challenge over Facebook, by someone I'd like to call a friend, but that might not be quite correct, as I don't know them in a way other than Facebook.
I had posted a status about doing one of those photo diaries. In this I'd take a photo of myself every day, for a few years, and compile the photos into a video at the end of this time period.
She commented to tell me I could potentially make it part of TYSIC.
So I have.
I'm quite excited about this.
It's the first long term project I've taken on that I feel I can accomplish.
Perhaps as a teenager it marks the beginning of something.
It might not.
I'm a bit late in my aim, it started on March 4th, and it is meant to end on the 4th of March 2020. The person who undertook this massive project aims to blog everyday. He's a comedian. You can read more about it here. Perhaps even undertake something of your own, albeit three months late.
I guess I'll finish on the 24th of May, 2020, if not earlier.
This three hour a day thing is working.
Just. I have about ten minutes left.
It's also 6 minutes to twelve AM.
Maybe I should organise my time better.
I'm listening to an album I bought today when I was shopping with a couple of good friends of mine after exams. It is an absolutely crazy album, and the band (The Violent Femmes) is on the shortlist to possibly become my future favourite, and that's something, to at least come close to beating the pure magic of Radiohead.
The bands versatility is amazing.
I recommend you listen.
I'm the only one I know who has not eased off buying CD's at all, apart from maybe one person. Today I bought The Violent Femmes' Add It Up, yesterday I bought Morrissey's Kill Uncle, (also a fantastic album), and last Sunday I bought The Alternative Album Vol. 2 (A good album, but not the best of the compilation series) I could go back and list the instance I bought or acquired each of the 61 CD's I own (Pathetic, I know) but that would mean a very long post that not even I would bother to read.
Music makes up this huge, non-erasable part of my life. It's good, having steady things to rely on, to me, as you've probably seen through my last few blog entries. I always thought I hated life being steady. I cause trouble for myself to make it not so. Counselling helped me realise who I am, but I'm still more a mystery to myself than I am to anyone else. However, no-one seems happy to inform me of the negatives.
Here's a challenge I pose to you; In the next week, being that most of you know me personally, tell me something you really, intensely dislike about me. I'm asking you to, for my sake. Please do.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Music isn't something anything could take away from me either. If that sentence made sense, I'm not going to proof read. I think if I went deaf, I'd try to learn what Beethoven did - hearing through vibration - just so I could listen to music.

    As for the thing I dislike about you... it's not an intense dislike, it's more something that I feel detracts from your journey through life, it sort of makes me sad to see it. You over analyse at times. Like a few blogs back when you described hearing Daniel's heartbeat, but then went on explaining how the hearing worked. I know the pure complexity of what was happening is amazing, I do it with space all the time. Maybe it's a good thing for you. Maybe that helps you feel it more. But sometimes it's good to sit back and take in the simple, brute pleasure of these things. Like for me, it's feeling the rhythm instead of trying to figure out the time signature, feeling the emotion and notes of a song without thinking "is that a natural or harmonic minor scale?" For me, I think, I need to learn that you do not need to see into somebody's inner soul, the complexity that makes them up to know them. You can still enjoy a person's company without knowing who they are. More importantly, you can be at ease with yourself without fully knowing who or where you are. We do not always have to improve to exist. Sometimes it's okay to let go and just... be. It's something I need to learn to do, and I think something you could do with thinking about too.

    All the best to you.