Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Written previously.

Just a warning to anyone who actually read my MySpace blogs- all material copied from them, so you'll find yourself at a point of deja vu.
Just was trawling through my internet legacy, found these, and thought something of them.

The Game

Sitting in a void of nothingness,
While around me action rages on.
Wet hair frames my face,
Though my eyes are dry...
For once.
Cheering, unoriginal but heartening.
“Let’s go girls, lets go!”
Words, a thousand words traverse my mind.
But the ones seeking attention are the ones that get heard,
The ones transferred to the page.
Notes in my head, calming.
Pencil in hand, scribbling.
Chaos, but peace each way.
A faint smile on my face.

Dear Simplicity,

It's been a while since I've hung out with you, I'm really missing the times we had together. We had some good laughs and you contributed to some of my best memories.

Since you've left my life things have changed. Back then I knew where I was. I knew what I was. Sure, I had my down points, but you helped me through that, I actually knew they were down points. Now I'm a puddle of confusion. I'm hating the fact that everything used to run like clockwork, now I'm expecting more out of now because of previous experiences.

I suppose as I grow up we'll drift farther and farther apart. The power of speech was already lost between us.

People need to learn from you in particular. It's not that I can talk, I'm probably someone who looks completely away from you, who doesn't even think of you when I talk. When I act, even. You're someone everyone needs in their life, but that no-one will get to know for long periods of time. You're hard to find.

Though... I don't need a liar in my life. I'm not so sure that deception is the best way to go about things. You don't change anything for long, and you make promises that you can't keep. I need something I can rely on.

Sorry if I offended you. I honestly do miss you dearly, but you aren't what I need right now. Thanks for not offering.

Sincerely yours,


A letter I wrote to an idea.




A cynical little piece.

Click Click

Slow shutter speed
Blurred motion
Click click.
A leap, running.
Faces, laughing.
Click click.
Smile, cheese.
Poses held.
Click click.
Now it's instant,
Ground looming.
Click click.
Out of film.
No more shots.
Click click.
A memory,
Captured in a box

Poem I wrote, based on technology, continuity, and time.
Don't blame you if you don't understand the references and devices and whatnot.

Legless and lined,
Old stories wear him out.
Dull eyes, sad eyes, horrors he witnessed.
Pain and pride, mixed through in an oddly coloured stare.
As he tells of his swoops, falls, and victories.
Of friendship, and loss of life.
Is a country worth it?
Is the world?
His permanently downturned mouth
Struggles to open and shut,
A hoarse whisper
As he tells of the days long ago-
He could run, jump and skip with the best!
Then the days shortly after,
confined to a hospital bed.
An intense stare from unseeing eyes,
tells us what we need to know..
“Never again” he croaks,
As he slips back into nightmares.

Untitled, war poem, crap 'cause I know nothing of it.

Thanks for reading.
Or not.

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