Tuesday, May 25, 2010

You know...

... you're upset.
Don't tell me not to look when your eyes are filling up, spilling over.
Don't react against her. You know it's childish and it proves nothing.
She cares a lot about you. You know that. You hate that you're pushing her away, but you think you need to. But you know you can do better, and supposedly 'not caring' is going to make it worse.
You're spiralling. Spiralling down.
But all it takes is effort. Put some in. You can do it.
You have it in you.
I think I knoow you the best, or the next best in this world.
I don't understand you. I don't pretend to.
But I know you.
And it kills me seeing you tear up your dreams. Changing to be someone different. All it takes is effort.
And I'm right by your side.

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